Monday, June 22, 2009

WOW for Math

Lucas Gillespie believes that at-risk students do poorly in school because they’re not motivated by traditional teaching topics. Enter WoWinSchool, a wiki for educators to share World of Warcraft-themed lesson plans for after-school programs.

A sample writing and literacy lesson: “In fantasy literature, the bard plays a key role as a traveling musician and storyteller. What song or poem would the bards of Azeroth sing about your character’s adventures?”

The math lessons are the best part. “Healing Analysis: Which types of heals produce a greater number of recovered hit points during an encounter? quick burst heals, slower more powerful heals, or heal-over-time spells?” And then they send the kids to EJ.


Blogger NerdScience said...

Hey Jim!

Thanks for the writeup! I just found it! Keep an eye on the WoWinSchool wiki as the school year progresses. We hope to be underway in the coming months!


9:42 AM  

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